Get that dog, Bean!

And people say I’m paranoid. Pffft.




I love a good roll, or twelve, in the dirt!




This past weekend I finally was able to experience the beachy, sand-dollar-prolific wonders of Pismo Beach. Since I’m a dog, you might think a beach is a beach is a beach to me. Well, this is definitely not the case. New smells, different energy, and Pismo is ME friendly. Really, the town is fairly dog friendly on the whole. And as it should be, amiright? I don’t know why other places aren’t the same (I’m pointing a stick at you, LA). Check out the love:


We stayed at the Pismo Lighthouse Suites, which you really cannot beat the view (that’s obvi me on our patio). And, to say it again, they like my kind so IMO, what’s not to like?

There were some wonderful restaurants for my humans to dine with me at. They of course had to sit on the patio, but hey, I don’t expect to be inside, so close to the food source…I’ll just work my owner over once her food arrives at our table (insert knowing wink). One particular evening was a little chilly, apparently. My human wise-cracked to her mom, “I like it, it feels like camping”. And what is wrong with camping??




But look at me. I’m so happy. And free. Obviously I was on a leash most times I strolled on the sand, but those 6:00am wake-up walks, well, the rocks and the pelicans didn’t seems to mind that I was getting my run on.


I hope my human takes me back very soon. I loved my time in Pismo, and I feel it is fair to say, Pismo loved me (the pigeons weren’t the only ones eating out of the…wait for it… paw of my hand. Booyeah).


(301) 740-5359

One hot, seemingly ordinary valley night last August my biological M. had a litter of Weimaraner pups. I can’t speak for how my seven other siblings turned out (for all I know they could be in dog juvy, living la vida loca roaming the night alleys, romping freely in a McMansion with an enviably large yard alongside a pair of chihuahuas draped in pearls, etc), but damn, M. did a good job. Look at me. Crikeys, I was adorable.

me as a wee pup

I was relocated 9 weeks and two days later. I landed in Venice Beach. Not bad considering my place of birth. Certainly never a dull day in Venice, plus those cool ocean breezes…can’t really go wrong. My human, aside from being human, is overall pretty ok. She loves me like a crazy woman. I mean, I think she’s obsessed with me. I know, things could be much worse; stifling love is the least of anyone’s worry at the end of the day. But can I just say in the nicest of ways, and hopefully without seeming like an ingrate, my human is, ummm, nuts sometimes? Honest. Some days we are total sympatico and others, she on my case for the smallest of things, stingy with the walks and lacking in spirit whilst playing keep-a-away. I’ve sought council lately at the dog park as I really had no where else to turn. A wise, soulful German Shepard suggested I find a way to express myself when I’m feeling wound up or frustrated. After a few misses (come to find out this didn’t mean chewing up my human’s unmentionables) I’m trying my hand here.

No promises how it will go, but at least I get to post a lot of pictures of yours truly and make fun of my human when she gets on my nerves. Plus I’ll write about my hood. It really is cool.

Peace out for now, pups peeps.