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Here’s what you’ll discover with Connect Charts

Overall social score

Your total social score, broken down into positive and negative factors so you can see what goes towards the overall result.

Personality analysis

How you appear to others online, determined by your perceived personality traits, social connections, and choice of words.

Improvement tasks

Improve your social score with ease by completing this list of tasks on your social media profiles.

Social articles

Make the most of your social score with the information contained in these five useful articles written by our social media experts.

What is the idea behind Connect Charts?

At Connect Charts, we believe in keeping up with the future, which is why we’ve designed this online subscription product. It provides a complete overview of how you use social media, and reveals the ways in which you can improve your social score. Connect Charts will help you change your life for the better, whatever your personal, professional or financial status may be.

How can Connect Charts help me?

By providing the best, most intuitive set of tools around, Connect Charts will help guide you to a better position in your life. A dashboard gives you the in-depth view of your social score, your online personality will be analysed, and we’ll set you a list of simple tasks to help you improve your ranking. You’ll get everything you need to organise your social media interactions and make them work to your advantage.


Frankly, yes. Social scoring is becoming increasingly popular as a means of companies and individuals assessing how trustworthy and professional people are, when they want to learn more about them. Your social media activity, therefore, could genuinely affect that job application you submitted, that mortgage you’re applying for or that loan you’re trying to obtain.

We’re sure that you will want to improve your chances of making the most of all opportunities, and keeping a strong social score will help you with this. Connect Charts can help you see how your online presence can make a difference, and show you how to maximise and improve it.

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